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Tickton Grange is committed to providing top quality customer service and accommodation whilst meeting our environmental and social responsibilities. One of the great assets we have at Tickton Grange is the beautiful environment we are surrounded by. We have four acres of gardens and a further 12 acres of meadows and woodland. We are situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds and only a few miles from the stunning East Yorkshire coast. We know, therefore, just how important it is to protect and conserve this environment for future generations to enjoy.


We are committed to achieve environmental best practice where practically possible throughout our business activity. We offer weekly training sessions for all our staff

that includes a strong sustainability component, we purchase products responsibly, conserve energy where possible and recycle/reuse in anyway we can.


As hoteliers taking care of people and places is in our DNA and as business we recognise that the strength of the business is directly associated to the strength of the community in which we operate. We therefore celebrate East Yorkshire and all it has to offer at every opportunity. We source as much of our produce as we can from over

40 artisan producers, employ over 50 staff from the local community and frequently

donate to local charities. Over time, we will continue to improve our environmental and social credentials to

the highest standard possible, whilst providing consistent and quality service to our customers.


Some of our current activities include:


Energy Conservation

- Utilise energy saving lighting throughout the hotel and hotel grounds.

- Improved hotel insulation (loft, underfloor, insulating carpet underlay).

- Print in house literature on recycled FSC certified paper.

- Upgraded air conditioning and radiators to be more energy efficient.

- Replaced 2 of our 4 heating boilers and installed 2 log burners. Our own woodland supplies the logs for these and our open fire.

- Encourage a ‘switch off policy’ with all staff and guests.

- Ensure staff are aware of the requirement to turn down/off radiators thermostats when rooms are not booked out.


Responsible Purchasing (includes reducing the impact of the hotel via travelling)

- Planted our own orchard to provide the hotel with fresh produce.

- Purchase environmentally friendly paint from the Little Greene Company.

- Source our food (fish, meat and eggs, vegetables, rape seed oil, organic flour etc.) from over forty local producers.

- Look after our own bees, which are ecologically significant as well as provide honey for the restaurant.

- Working to ensure all cleaning materials are environmentally friendly, including making polish from our own beeswax.

- Constantly strive to demonstrate responsible purchasing methods and only source products using suppliers that maintain ethical standards.


Reducing Waste/Recycle/Reuse

- Recycle kitchen oil. We donate our oil to Real Aid whose aim is to change Children’s lives. They use this oil to power their vans.

- Recycle all glass, cardboard, paper and plastic. Weekly staff training includes how to recycle, re-use and maintain sustainable practices.

- Restaurant guests are free to take home any leftovers to reduce any waste.

- Water is provided in all our rooms in jugs and glasses as opposed to water bottles, which are carbon and water intensive.

- All garden waste is composted.


Water Consumption

- Short and long flush options on some of our toilets.

- Full loads only in washing and dishwashing machines.

- Water aware when maintaining our gardens.

- Water is provided in jugs in each room (each bottle of water required 3 litres of water to make).


Environment and Community Responsibilities

- Provide suitable bike cover for any guests travelling by bike.

- Provide detailed information about local walks and activities in the area.

- Corporate membership of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, enabling employees and guests free entry to all the nature reserves.

- Employ over 50 staff all from the local community.

- Support local charities, including Hull and East Riding Institute for the Blind and frequently gift Afternoon tea vouchers and hampers to good causes.

- Regularly review and improve our environmental and social credentials.


We believe that our sustainability efforts will reap benefits for both current and future generations

and provide the foundation for long-lasting success.


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