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Terms and Conditions of Booking


To confirm your booking, a deposit of £1,000 is required together with a signed copy of our terms and conditions. In the unlikely event that the reception is cancelled by us, your deposit will be returned.


Cancellation Policy

Your initial deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you cancel your confirmed booking, the following cancellation charges apply:

Between 12 and 9 months before the reception:  25% of the total booking value.

Between 9 and 6 months before the reception:  50% of the total booking value.

Between 6 and 3 months before the reception:  75% of the total booking value.

Less than 3 months before the reception:  100% of the total booking value.


Please note that our cancellation policy will be adhered to regardless of circumstance. We highly recommend that consideration is given to purchasing insurance to cover all possible eventualities.



Six weeks before your reception we draw up an estimate of your costs and send you an account for these costs. This account is payable no later than one month before the wedding. Any additional costs incurred will be sent to you after the reception and payment is required within 14 days. Interest will be charged on late payment at 3% above (RBS) bank rate.


Final Numbers

Your best estimate of numbers should be given to us at least 2 weeks before the wedding with confirmed final numbers one week prior to the date. Your final account will be based on that confirmed number and no refund given if lesser numbers attend.


Minimum Numbers

We require a minimum of 80 adults for wedding receptions that take place on any Saturday or Bank Holiday regardless of the time of year. This minimum number also applies to Fridays in December. Should numbers fall below this level, 80 full adult menu and adult wine/drink charges will be invoiced.


Food and Drink

The only food and drink consumed at Tickton Grange will be supplied by the hotel. We do not offer corkage or allow drinks fountains. No guests may bring their own food or beverages. Any alcohol brought onto the premises will be confiscated and guests will be asked to leave.



The rates applicable are those current at the time of the wedding and not at the time of booking.

A failure of any guests to check in to a room booked by the Bride and Groom will be charged at the full rate to the Bride and Groom in the final account.

Any bedrooms held must be allocated or released 1 month before the date of the wedding. A failure to do so will result in the full bedroom rates being charged to the Bride and Groom.



Tickton Grange reserves the right to charge for any damage caused by you or your guests during the reception.

Tickton Grange accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any property brought onto the property by you or your guests.

If Tickton Grange is unable to honour any booking for any cause outside of its control it     shall be entitled to cancel the booking without liability.

In the event of disappointment relating to any part of the contract due to its own negligence, Tickton Grange will not be responsible to compensate any amount in excess of the contracted service.

The correspondence between Tickton Grange and the customer shall be taken as confirmation of the customers’ agreement with, and acceptance of, the foregoing terms & conditions.

Tickton Grange Hotel is a smoke free establishment and smoking is not permitted anywhere within the hotel. In consideration of our local environment and the safety of your guests we do not allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns.

All outside suppliers are requested to collect their goods from reception by 10.30am on the day following the wedding.

Any property left by a supplier, Bride and Groom or guest will be kept by Tickton Grange for one month following the wedding. After this time the property will be confiscated.



Our electrical system is designed to provide a maximum of 30amps to bands and discos in the Rose Room. This is normally ample. Should lighting and equipment in excess of 30 amps be installed, however, our system could fail. Please advise your entertainment provider accordingly. Tickton Grange cannot be held responsible for costs or disappointment due to any power failure, which is outside of its control.

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